Success Stories

Happy Indian man at street market
"  Nice and Good Expereince with Dr Harika's Skin and Hair Transplant. I had a great look after treatment ".
"After my treatment l am highly satisfied with this advanced skin and hair treatment. I am really happy and satisfied with behavior of Dr. harikagaru, they are very friendly and suggesting like a frnds,tanq so much medam"
Renuka Naidu
It's a great place. The doctors and other stuff were really nice and experienced and the advanced hair treatment was very effective. They have the latest technologies for hair loss treatment. I was somewhat doubtful first but after visiting the clinic my doubt was cleared.
Sirisha Rao
"In Vijayawada centre the best and superb skin and hair transplantation clinic . They provide best and honest advice."
Sravani Tummu
I underwent a advanced hair treatment and advanced skin treatment at dr. Harika skin and hair transplant clinic about 2 months. I had bald patches at several spots on my scalp and the treatment offered by them was commendable. My scalps looks natural and can continue with brushing, styling my hair the way i want. So many years of suffering and after visiting them no problem at all. Great Services !!
Pavan Venkat Sai
In vijayawada Best skin and hair transplant center.
Durga Havitha